About Me

I was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and from an early age I enjoyed painting and developed a passion for art. With a degree from the PH in Rotterdam I taught at middle school level until I moved to the USA with my husband in 1963. I was able to continue my enthusiasm for art as a hobby after the arrival of my children and moving back to the Netherlands. From 1972-1975 I taught English at college level in Dwingeloo, Netherlands. I moved to Germany with my family in 1975 where I became co-founder of the Kreativit├Ątsschule Morenhoven e.V. and a staff member and tutor from 1977 – 1991.

In 1982 I attended the Summer Academy Marburg (Free Painting technique) for the first time followed by my first show. This reinstalled my passion and gave me confidence to continue. I attended the academy 3 more times.

Since 1989 I have been painting regularly at the Atelier Artistique International de S├ęguret, Provence, France. The particular light of Provence is special and inspires me time and again.

From 1991 – 1996 and from 2001-2004 I lived in Tucson, Arizona with my husband. I was a member of the Watercolor Guild and the Tucson Museum Painters and produced many paintings reflecting newly learned techniques especially involving the use of strong colours.

After our return to Germany in 2005 I became a member of the Rheinbacher Kunstforum ’99 e.V. and I continue to paint to the present day.

I have regular exhibitions in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the USA.